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Don Cary
teacher/retired Single
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Ed Igleski
Partner in Audit Resources, LLC Married 2
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Galen Updike
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 5

After a near 40 year carreer in technology, I retired in 2013.  The last 10 years were in AZ State governement as Broadband Development Manager (GITA and ADOA) where my focus was improving broadband connectivity and adoption across all areas of Arizona. My team managed aspects of the state's outreach regarding Broadband, including a string of Federal grants, E-Rate, and other technology policy efforts.

Though "officially" retired, I've stayed active in both Arizona and national advocacy for "better" internet, especially for rural Americans.  This includes recent legislative efforts to improve Telemedicine. 

I majored in Asian Studies and History at BYU (BA, 74),  and hardly used any of that training in my 30 year career in the computer industry. I started at  Burroughs Corporation in 1974. In 1979, the Personal Computer (Apple and IBM) become part of America's everyday life, and leaving the world of "big iron" I made a living selling, consulting, programming and advocating PC uses in small business, government and major corporations, mostly in Arizona. 

Politics and public service have also kept hold of my attention.  For nearly a decade I was part of Arizona’s Minority Business Council. In the late 90's I was a member of the State Physical Therapy Board.  And I served as a Precinct Committeeman in Mesa for about 25 years.   In 2000-2001 I served in the Arizona House of Representatives from District 29.

My hobbies include History (reading and writing), and choral music. After serving an LDS mission to the Philippines (67-69) and marriage in 72, my wife and I lived first in Taiwan, then in Utah for 10 years where I became part of Salt Lake Citiy's choral scene, including four years with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (Thank you Miss Ogelsby at Emerson and Miss Hergt at North High for some early choir training)  Family needs brought us home to Arizona in 1983

But my highest interests always involves my family. I married Maxine Hansen of Eagar AZ in 1972.  We have five grown children, and an ever growing number of grand children (currently 10). FYI, my parents had six of their seven children graduate from North High.  I look forward to renewing friendships at our 50th reunion. What an amazing 5 decades we've lived through. 

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Glen Hogue
Retired Marketing and Automotive Executive Married 1
How did this happen? Seems like not that long ago we were hoisting that Mustang up on the top of the auditorium on our way out. It will be great to see friends and laugh about some of the stuff we did 50+ years ago. If anybody else is going to their own kids graduation the next week let me know so we can commiserate Cant wait. See you there. Send Glen  a MessageSend Glen a Message
James Fowler
Customs Protection Officer Married 1
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JANEY Leftwich (CURRY)
Professor Single Again 3
I am still pretty dorky.  I have three "kids":  two sons--- one a journalist, one a comedian who finished law school and passed the Bar only to decide he wanted to e a standup comedian---and a daughter who is an artist and therapist.  
I never did quit going to school  When I was at Vassar College, I went to Poland accidentally and for all the wrong reasons in the process I was fascinated by what was going on behind the scenes there.  I went to Indiana for an MA and Columbia for my PhD and did my research in Poland on how Journalists influenced politics.  In the process of doing interviews and learning and reading Polish, I got een more intrigued and made great friends.  Since then, I've had 5 more Fulbrights and a bunch of other grants to go back and do research.  I've taught there.  And, I've traveled and done research in the Soviet Union and then in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Baltics as well as the rest of Eastern Europe.  And, I've gotten to travel all over giving papers and working on research projects.  
All this has meant I've made amazing friends all over and certainly lived in interesting times... In the days when Poland was a big story, I was on McNeil Lehrer and other news programs.  I've made great friends here and abroad that have een part of my life for many decades and written some books and articles... and I've had great fun raising and travelng with my kids here and when we all went abroad for me to do research.  I also have always had a Polish cocker as a pet... in addition to so many other animals my kids brought home.
     Sadly, my mom and dad died more than 25 years ago and I really have not been back since.  So, I am a bit shy but also looking forward to the reunion. 
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Jay Arnold
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Jeanette Avery (Marsh)
Wife, mother, grandmother Married 7
After one year at ASU, I transferred to BYU, where I met my husband Jack.  We have been married since June of 1969, and have seven children and 26 grandchildren.  I got my degree from BYU in Music Education (thanks to Miss Hergt for the encouragement), but chose to stay home with my children while they were young. When my youngest was a teenager, I spent some time as a high school substitute teacher and loved it.  Jack and I have lived most of our married life in northern Utah, but were in Wisconsin for 3-1/2 years and Scottsdale for 10 years.  We recently returned from serving 2 years in Northeast England as missionaries for our Church.

We will be unable to attend the reunion - our son-in-law graduates from dental school in Illinois that week, but have enjoyed reading everyone's bio and getting caught up.
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Jim Bice
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retired Committed Relationship 2
Sorry i will not be able to attend the reunion.  Currently in a battle with stage 4 lung cancer and cancer in the lining of my heart. Have a great time!! I have had a great 50 years since we graduated. Spent some time in the Army 69-71. Married a couple of times that gave me 2 great kids, Jeff and Katrina Jo. 8 Grandchildren. Currently in a very nice relationship with my girlfriend of 15 years, Julie Pastrone.  I spent most of my adult life as a salesman in the car and furniture business. I spent a few years at Midway chevrolet in Phoenx as Lease Mgr, 2 years as sales manager on Maui Hawaii, and 6 years as Gen Sales Mgr in Lewiston Idaho. Always moved where i could play golf year round. The rest of the time i spent in Missoula, Mt where i currently reside.
  The past 10 years i have been creating handcrafted mirrors and picture frames that i sell at juried art and craft festivals around the Northwest. I have participated in Art Fair Jackson Hole and a great festival in Las Vegas. I also promote and produce the Montana Art Festival each Thanksgiving weekend in Missoula. This will be our 8th year. We invite 80 Fine artists and craftmen from the region for a 3 day festival. Lots of work but lots of fun.
  I sure hope you all have a great time at the reunion. Wish i could be there. Got a good fight on my hands with this cancer thing, but i am up for it. Take care. JIm
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Joan Liebhart (Newby)
Profile picture
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Associate Professor at ASU Single 2
I cannot wait to see everyone. I find it hard to accept it has been 50 years! Send Joan a MessageSend Joan a Message
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